Monday, January 23, 2012


An odd thing happened yesterday. This was, of course, on Hollywood Boulevard in the touristy section. Every time I pass through there, I am struck by how wide the margin is between it and the next weirdest place I have ever been to. In any case, I was walking towards the subway station from church, and I expected no trouble because I had not yet gotten to the Chinese Theatre where the costumed panhandlers are.

I had on my sunglasses, which I was taking off and putting on on account of the inconsistent lighting in the area.I also was carrying a book, in addition to the mp3 player I was listening to. Had I not been engrossed in the music, I might have been more aware of what happened and why. What I think is that I got sprayed with some kind of water, I think. I really am not sure of even that much, but I prefer to take it on faith to any possible alternative.

My first thought was that a passing car had splashed me, but the gutter was bone dry. After that I wondered if somehow a bird had gone on me. The nature of the stuff seemed to rule that out. I wondered if someone around me had done this as a prank of opportunity, which is not beyond the realm of possibility, but there was no one around who was behaving in such a way to connote guilt. I was stumped on every detail.

It occurred to me shortly after that the culprit may have been up above me after all, but that they may have been an airborne jerk instead of a bird. I cannot prove or disprove that, but I can say that the substance seemed not to be at all noxious after all, with there being no smell or lasting mark. That at least leaves me confident that I was not really and truly defiled or degraded in any meaningful sense. All I am left with is a sense of puzzlement. That's Hollywood, I guess.

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