Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Salad Days

A party Saturday night, and a party tonight, and another likely to transpire Monday night. I confess that these are not blowouts with dancing and the like, but it seems nonetheless (as I imagine I've observed before) that I have gained membership in a community whereby I now have a rather busy social calendar. My admittance to the events of which that calendar is comprised seems to not be of the begrudging sort. I guess I should not be so surprised by this development, coming as it does when I have plainly made the transition into adulthood. In my youth, there were many car rides to Boy Scout functions, and the privilege of my presence in and adult leaders car was somewhat prized. That attitude was less shared by those my age outside the world of Scouts, but now they are more as I have always been.

The whole thing encourages me. Someone as well-liked as I seem to be becoming can hardly stay single or less than prosperous for terribly long. The key is simply to harness this quality and ride it towards my objective of ending those two scourges. Perhaps a reader might fear for my ability to remain humble, but there's no need to fret: the trappings of my financial status do not match those of my social status as yet (which, as I've mentioned, remains less than sterling so long as I lack a girlfriend), and serve as an effective bulwark against the prospect of growing conceited. When they are through, I will simply have to rely on my wholesome and grounded upbringing.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Nature

I don't especially care to mention brand names when I don't profit by doing so, but sometimes it can't be avoided. Such is the case when talking about certain ways in which my idiosyncrasies manifest themselves. One is my use of Netflix. In the days when I went to the old video store, I normally had only to choose one movie at a time (never exceeding three), and had no means to plan beyond the evening I was at the moment procuring entertainment for. All that being the case, it would take me an abnormal amount of time to make a choice. I hesitate to guess a typical elapsed time, but suffice it to say that no ordinary video store patron would need so long.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Writing A Blog Means Never Saying You're Sorry

Riding public transportation has its many frustrations, but a lack of interesting stories is not among them. When all goes well, it's a chance to act all puffed up and noble about doing your part in saving the planet, but when something goes not quite smoothly, it's all the better of an anecdote to share in social situations. One rather interesting one came up just yesterday.