Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eat Fast, Slim Never

I'm on a sandwich kick, which you'll recall if you are a regular regular and have a better than average memory. These days, I'm doing turkey and cheese on some manner of bread or another. Generally I'll make two hefty sandwiches, sometimes heating up both and other times eating one cold while the other toasts. It's always two sandwiches and two slices of bread apiece of course, except for when that isn't the case.

There's something appealing about the small, impromptu single slice sandwich. I'm not at all talking about some kind of open face sandwich. I don't get that. Someone will have to explain that to me, because I don't see how it is a sandwich at that point. At any rate, what I sometimes like to do is to make up the main part of the sandwich like normal, stopping before the addition of the second bread slice. I then fold the single slice over the meat, cheese and so forth.

It makes me feel like some kind of rough-hewn fisherman or other manly outdoors-type, making a quick sandwich to be grasped and eaten in one hand while the other reels in a marlin or shoots from the hip to bring down an elk. I have a powerful imagination and capacity for fantasy obviously, but at least the sandwich is real. It's somehow more compact than a full sandwich but not dainty and proper like the little sandwiches that might accompany tea.

Apart from the ability to fancy myself a Hemingway-esque hero, there is a time savings to consider, and I can make one of these sandwiches on my way out the door, relieving me of the need to dirty a dish or even waste a square of paper towel (which, needless to say, I do not buy). Indeed, it might be regarded as both green and patriotic in addition to manly, this half-sandwich. Not the diagonally-sliced companion to cup of soup, no sir- this is a man's small sandwich.

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