Monday, January 30, 2012

The Poseable

I put up a picture of myself in those sunglasses I described the other day, and people started manipulating in the style of a Chuck Norris film poster I likened my look to. In the poster, the lenses of his sunglasses reflect still shots of an action sequence. One person put those same shots over my lenses, and another pasted in images of monsters. It was an odd but flattering thing, and I thought about how people seem to like doing things to my look.

People are always talking about how I should pick my hair way out, or straighten it to see how long it would be. I bristle at this a bit, figuring that they might get their own hair to do this with, but it also is at least somewhat flattering. It's a little like being a doll, maybe. You dress it, you pose it, and you cut its hair, thus ruining it and eliciting screams from the sibling to whom it belongs. I guess that last thing doesn't really apply to me.

Acting on camera and stage in addition to posing for paintings all give off the feeling of being a doll also, and only after having done it do I have some appreciation for the difficulty and discomfort that it entails. I previously would have thought that it was all gravy, but it turns out not to be the case. There is some gravy, however. It is a lot of fun to get that attention, and it balances out the demeaning experience of being manipulated.

It's nice also to thing that I might stir in somebody the urge to do anything with me. It certainly beats the thought of making no impression on someone whatsoever, and I can't imagine anyone being so perfect that somebody would ever say that they shouldn't be messed with for fear of wrecking what they have. Who would want that anyway? It sounds an awful lot like Rapunzel or something like that. She had long hair. I wonder if it was originally curly.

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