Thursday, January 26, 2012

Angry For A Spell

Poor spelling upsets me, as does poor grammar. You see a considerable amount of it online, maybe because it's so quick to publish one's writing there and because writing that goes out on the internet is seen as disposable or ephemeral. It is definitely inconsequential for all of the importance that is placed on making sure that it all adheres to the rules we agreed on. Sometimes I fancy myself to be the last person in the world who cares, and then I get scared that I will miss-spell something myself.

Of course, I have spellcheck and grammar check, but those are hardly infallible. You have to be paying attention. Most people don't do that. I can't fathom how you could put the effort into making one of those fake inspirational posters and them miss-spell the word 'marriage'. It's the central element of the whole thing, and it's a single word. The person got that wrong. I just can't conceive of how a person could not know, or know and live with that.

Somebody else (who is a friend) posted some line attributed to Ernest Hemingway. I think it may have been from that recent movie about Paris in the Twenties (if I remember right, though I haven't seen the film). She may really appreciate his thinking, but she miss-spelled his first name and hist last. That is pretty egregious, and it just drives me up the wall. I really want to scream when I see such awful mistakes, although I don't regard the maker of them as awful. As they say in church, we must hate the sin but love the sinner. Still, it makes me despair for us all and for the future.

I say that not because people spell things incorrectly,  since I do that myself often, but because with more help than ever was had in history, we are evidently worse than at any point in history at correcting those mistakes. As I write this, I see that red dashed line appear underneath everything the computer believes to be a mistake (including the last name of Hemingway). When I see that, I am first surprised I didn't notice that the word looked wrong. I then labor to fix it. Am I truly alone, not in making mistakes but in having either the desire or the will to right them?

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