Friday, January 20, 2012


Sometimes people ask me for directions. I don't know why. I'm not sure that I look either approachable or trustworthy on matters of navigation. That second part may only be because I know that I really cannot be trusted to just know how to get around by car. In any case, most times I can't help, and I try to be honest about that. That can be hard, because there's a natural inclination not only to help someone, but to prove one is smart.

As I said, I try to be honest. Recently I was asked for directions and I actually did know the way. A woman drove up and called out to me as I walked along the front of the grocery store. I was bewildered for a moment, as I typically am in such situations. I pulled it together, and heard the lady looking for a particular street that I knew was north. I advised her of this, and that the intersecting street was not the nearest, but the one after that.

I thought I would push my luck, asking what exact place she was trying to get to. It happened to be a gym, which I knew to be in a particular shopping center (if it can be so called). I then gave fairly thorough directions and went on with my business. I was pretty confident about them, and fairly sure she'd be able to follow them. I do hope she managed all right. I can imagine her having a tough time in that neighborhood.

It's probably revealing that I still worry. Even if the worst happened with her, like not finding the gym, I shouldn't worry. Under any circumstances I shouldn't worry, as well as I knew the way to where she was going. I couldn't have helped but give her proper directions, and if I had failed her I am not the only person who could and would try to do anything for her. Still, I do wonder. I hoped she managed all right, for my sake if not for her own.

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