Monday, March 5, 2012

Frosted Glass, Broadcast

I have some of my best ideas when I'm in the shower. I can't tell you how many speeches for Toastmasters have been conceived and polished at the last minute in that shower stall on the day of the delivery. The reason is that there alone can I really focus. I can't get distracted by something online or by the sudden need to clean my room from top to bottom. I can only clean myself and think. Obviously I have to find distraction in there.

I bought a radio a while ago. I had meant to use it in my bedroom, mainly for talk and new radio while on my computer. I have used it for that purpose little, and so it has mainly sat idle. I decided that it might be of use in the bathroom, as I was tired of grappling with my thoughts. I imagined it would be easier to listen to the radio, and perhaps this would be the time when I could actually get all of that radio listening done that I meant to.

You have to play the radio pretty loud to overcome the sound of the rushing water, and so I am reluctant to play it when I shower early in the morning. Happily, this happens only seldom. Nobody could reasonably be upset when I start up the shower and get the radio going around noon or later. At that point I'm doing them a favor by producing loud noises. In any event, I am able to hear the radio well enough from inside the stall, saving me the expense of a fancy shower radio.

After the shower's over, I have to rush over to that radio so that I can turn it down. At that point it's a little loud for me, and that is when I always snap to action- when I'm impacted. The radio's sort of nice, except that the timing's difficult to manage. If I'm lucky enough to hit a twenty minute rock block (or some such uninterrupted stretch of programming), it's fine, but I always get a bunch of commercials. That's no good. Maybe I ought to look into satellite radio again.

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