Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shopping For A New Store

The other day I went to the Vons grocery store to do some shopping. This was just because my ride had to pick up some things there. I invariably go to the Ralph's within walking distance, and so I'm used to it in spite of the Vons being part of the chain from back home. There's a kind of exotic quality to going to the Vons, though. Everything feels different, and even though the differences are all trivial, they add spice to life.

The parking lot is smaller. That suits me, as I walk and don't drive. The signage is different, and the building. There are no practical consequences to these things, though. What matters a little more is what they sell and where they put it. The layout is a little different, which is thought-provoking. Regrettably, I can't stand how much thought I have to put into the matter in a grocery store with which I'm intimately familiar.

They sell mildly different things. I find their bread better, and so there's  a bit of a thrill to that. I think they may actually have less of a selection in many areas, which seems bad at first. It's actually kind of helpful in a way. I suffer from paralysis by analysis, so fewer choices gets me out of there faster. It's even better if I'm very used to having something and am forced to go another route because they don't have my thing. It's uncomfortable, but change is good.

The checkout process is a little different. I'm used to not being pestered to donate by the cashier, and they don't always do it that way at Vons. They do at least keep the do-gooders and solicitors away from the door, which suits me. Also different at their checkout lanes is my name. At Ralph's I may be Calder, but at Vons I am Anthony. Blame some glitch in the system, but I get to be someone else in the Vons loyalty program. That's reason enough to enjoy going to Vons periodically. I recommend it.

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