Monday, February 20, 2012

Couldn't Sleep

I make bad decisions sometimes. They often have to do with an urgent need to do something, anything, in order to get the decision over with. Sometimes there's really no explaining why I do these things. It can't be a secret urge to fail, can it? Whatever it is, I did about everything wrong that I possibly could in order to get to bed at a reasonable time last night. It was a critical thing that I get some rest, and I didn't manage it too well.

The first thing I did was to have a soda after or around 10pm. I know better than that, but the thing was in my hands before I knew it, and what could I do with an open soda except drink it? I knew I shouldn't have, but I did. I didn't think that it was going to be the difference between good rest and no rest. Little did I know that it was but the first domino, but it was. There were to be a number of horrible decisions to come.

When it got to be that I could go to bed and maybe get seven hours of sleep, I was at a crossroads. I like to watch a movie most days that I can manage it, but sometimes I recognize that it's not realistic. This would be one of those days, and I usually can see reason and set the movie aside for another day. This was not one of those times that I can make the smart decision. I spent a good while just selecting a movie, then I spent a while hemming and hawing about whether to do it. I watched it, and blew some two hours of potential sleep.

The last thing was the food I ate. I know better than to start eating something heavy before bed. I got the strange idea that eating a big sandwich would get me drowsy and help me fall asleep soon. That seems to happen often enough when I don't want it. Why couldn't it work for me at least once? Well, it didn't. With that final straw, I would estimate that I managed maybe three hours of sleep, although it's difficult to say for sure. It didn't make the next day too easy. I've got to learn a better decision-making process at such times.

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