Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Idea

I get a lot of ideas. Most of them are unworkable to say the least. Some of them might have a glimmer of something to them, but I can't imagine that there is anything there that warrants a lot of work by someone who actually can mold such rough, crude thinking into anything useful. Such is the plight of alleged "big picture" people like me, who don't brink to the table what a details person typically does. I bet that a details person could actually come up with the big picture as well.

I had one of my big picture ideas the other day. Even a details man probably could not make much of it, but that is not to say that no one could have made money from it. That's a separate matter. What I thought of was how there's such a thing as buttermilk bread. You can drink buttermilk, although I wouldn't recommend it. I did it once when I was a boy, and really though there was a chance that what I drank was spoiled. To this day I'm not sure.

It then occurred to me that if there's buttermilk break, one might make bread from other types of milk. Obviously the first thing that I imagined was chocolate milk bread. I mean real bread, not some kind of dessert thing. If there's a reason why you wouldn't do that, I can't think of it. Taste can't possibly be an obstacle in this matter, can it? There are far more disgusting things that people gladly eat. I bet that you could sell chocolate milk bread.

Whether I personally would eat it or not is something else. I can just picture myself coming across it in the grocery store. It being any kind of bread but the kind I've been buying would make it a tough sell. It being something unconventional would make it about impossible. The slim chance would be that the bread would catch me at a whimsical moment, and I have a fair share of those. I just might come across it at a time when I'm prepared to take a chance. They just have to make it first, and they might as well be me.

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