Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Double Down, Erase The Frown

As I have noted more times than anyone is happy with, I tend to stick with food choices for a long time. I have eaten roughly the same three meals every day for a very long time, and only circumstances change that very much. I've been going with turkey and cheese sandwiches for weeks if not months, mostly with the same rye bread. The system works, but sometimes it falters, and errors can be some of the best fun in life, as I know from improv.

An example of that notable barely even to me is how the other day I used two slices of turkey instead of just one. I appreciate how minute of an event that is, and how easily it fits into the stereotypes of internet memoirs and their inanity. You will get no argument from me on whether this is a post of meaning or significance. It really isn't, but then it seems to me that Twain said something strikingly similar about Huck Finn, didn't he?

So I had just two slices of bread left, because in grocery shopping I adhere to the old axiom of show business, "Always leave them wanting more". I always leave the store still needing something there, or else why would I ever go back? Right now what I need is bread, but I have plenty of the meat and cheese. I decided to really treat myself and to go crazy with twice as much meat as I usually would use. That amounts to perhaps half of what Subway would use.

The sandwich was awfully tasty, with the meat for once holding its own against the other flavors. For once I may have received the recommended daily minimums in some key nutritional areas, protein and sodium included. It's enough to contemplate doing this on a regular basis, despite the expense. I more and more see food expenditures as an investment in myself that pays off a lot better than collecting interest in a savings account.

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