Friday, February 17, 2012

On Screen

It's an interesting thing when you perform on camera. It's all very repetitive and disjointed. Sometimes you're working very hard and doing a lot, and at other times you're doing nothing and waiting. It's different from live performance. When you do something live, you get pretty instant feedback. Either way a director or writer is giving you feedback, but in live performance it goes out there right away and you know whether people like it.

I did a music video a while ago, but it's only just out now. For me there's a bit of emotional distance already, but for those who are getting into it, it's just happening now. The lag time is interesting. I guess that I didn't have to wait to know whether my friends would like it. They were effusive with praise for the mere premise of the video, and so far no one has expressed disappointment when faced with the thing itself.

People I don't know seem to like it fairly well too, though they don't always see things the way I do. I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised by how people see me or who they relate me to, but there it is. Some of them may not like what I did well, but it's hard to see for sure. I've been reading every remark I could find that addresses the video, and there's just this one that seems negative. Luckily, I think that they don't get what the thing was about.

Lest it sound otherwise, I'm focusing on the overwhelming positive pretty well in spite of a tendency to do otherwise. It's pretty neat to have been a part of the thing and to have drawn attention, although it hasn't yet hit "local news blooper" status on the internet just yet. That's the dream, obviously, but the video is seemingly finding traction. I can only hope that it leads to more, and soon. Does anyone want me for the lead in a feature yet?

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