Thursday, February 16, 2012

When It's Cold

The weather in Los Angeles is about as pleasant as advertised, seldom getting too hot or too cold. When it is cold however, it can be pretty bad (if one is not comparing it to someplace like Chicago). Worse still is when it is both cold and wet. Most of this winter has been pretty mild. In fact, it has worried me plenty how nice it has been for much of the past months. There shouldn't be opportunities for shorts in January or February even here.

The last couple of days have seen us into a cold snap however, and a wet one to boot. When it gets cold enough for jackets, I like that, as I feel I look good in them. I start with my nice blue jacket, then transition to the leather one when it's cold enough for that. When it's cold enough for that one but too wet for it as well, I'm really out of luck. I end up in something that isn't adequate for one thing or the other. It's like Valley Forge.

Unlike back home, a lot of the buildings around here are ill-equipped for inclement weather. I find myself all too often in buildings unheated during the winter. Where I have improv class these days, it's just frigid. That suits me all right, as it gets me doing a lot more physical stuff on stage instead of standing and talking. I have to be physical or else I'm sure I'll perish. That kind of motivation is like gold to the performing artist.

Luckily enough winter can't go on very much longer around here, and while it does I can be secure in the knowledge that I can mostly be warm. Coming inside from the chilly, damp weather will be of no value, however, if I insist on guzzling cold sodas when I do. I've just got the one hot drink of coffee, and I can't be imbibing a lot of caffeine in the evening. I've got to locate a warm drink that brings me down instead of amping me up. What are some nice hot cocktails?

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