Friday, August 1, 2014

The Sweet Pain Of Wayne

As I discussed rocker JJ Jarrett from "Friday The Thirteenth Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan", it seems right now to cover her nearest associate Wayne. We meet them both together in what is for Wayne one of several scenes. It becomes apparent that while JJ is possibly the only person in the world who likes Wayne, he pines for the terrible Tamara. Isn't that the way of people in high school? I don't know if JJ would want him that way, but we know that Tamara definitely does not.

Wayne's deal is that he's supposed to be an aspiring filmmaker. It doesn't come off as well as JJ's music, maybe because guitarists do wander around with their instrument jamming, but the only people who go nowhere and do nothing without their camera running are tourists. Even worse, Wayne's camera looks to be a huge VHS camera, but when we see his perspective through the camera, it looks like a black and white 8 millimeter film camera. It must be a custom job.

Wayne uses this camera to try and win the heart of Tamara, who in addition to trying to eliminate Rennie for seeing (and overlooking) her do cocaine, is also trying to blackmail the principal into letting her graduate without having completed her biology project (which must be a serious chunk of her grade if it can affect her walking on graduation night- a night which you'd think would precede the big senior trip).

Wayne finishes very badly. The penalty for backing the wrong horse romantically and getting involved in a poorly conceived, possibly needless blackmail scheme is accidentally killing a fellow classmate when hot steam blows your glasses off during a hunt for Jason down in the bowels of the ship. Of course, Wayne does live to discover the corpse of JJ, which I think is supposed to be him regretting his choices of late. Anyway, that's the end of Wayne, a marginalized nerd and a terrible person in his own right.

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