Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cooking Up A Defense

Hey, how about the huge cook in the diner we see during the third act of "Friday The Thirteenth Park 8: Jason Takes Manhattan"? I fretted that I had exhausted subjects within the film that warranted coverage, but then I remembered one of the little moments in it that is unintentionally kind of amusing, at least to me. You'll remember without my prompting you that the surviving characters enter a diner in hopes of getting help? Little do they realize how little New Yorkers care.

The moment Jason threatens the diner itself though, the staff cares. The cook, burliness personified, readily rushes out to face the threat. He's huge, but you'd think in the big city that simply being physically imposing is not necessarily the means for an automatic victory over all threats. Someone could have a gun or knife, there could be several of them or there could be some other issue. Why not call the police? Would they not care?

This cook was really something, though. He gets handily defeated- some wonder if he actually dies, but I don't think he would if it was a real thing- but he is something. He seems very Canadian to me. He undoubtedly was Canadian, as they would certainly have shot the diner interior there. Was the waitress Canadian? She has on a pretty thick New York accent. Anyway, the cook sure looked like some gargantuan Canadian farm boy to me.

I do imagine that he is alive after Jason hurls him back across the bar and leaves him there. That really is a lucky thing for him, that Jason becomes a little inconsistent in his application of his code while in New York. Of course, he can't kill everyone there, but then I can get more into that tomorrow. The point today is that the Canadian farm boy cook admirably tried to stand up to Jason, and even lived to tell the tale.

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