Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Out Of The Stretch

Yesterday was the third day in a row that I was feeling good. That's a rare streak, and it's notable that this stretch hit a Sunday, a Monday and a Tuesday.The Sunday is no surprise. Sundays are often pretty good, or at least they finish well. Lately they've been really good, of course, on account of the sketch stuff I've been getting to do. Actually, that has been spilling over, so I guess this Sunday was really very good. I don't mind that.

Monday often is good if Sunday was great. There's a lot of congratulations and thanks going back and forth between different people. It never was enormous when I was just doing two line jokes for the medley portion of Top Story Weekly. There would be a little, especially if I got several jokes in and I was very enthusiastic about it. Doing sketches is different. You don't have to tell people which ones are yours, and you get the boost of all the actors who are in the sketches. That's nice.

So, on the Monday after you have a sketch in a show like that, you have the actors, other writers and personages like that. If you have two sketches in that show, it's even better. If you have a sketch in two different shows, as I have each of the last three weeks, you get the actors in each of the sketches plus writers and others from each of those shows. It's a real multiplier, and it's made Mondays so good that it's now touching Tuesdays.

Across Monday and Tuesday, I've also been getting the lovely feeling of connecting with new people. Being active in sketch stuff each Sunday has necessarily meant meeting a lot of people, and that's really been cool. That might not remain true indefinitely, but so long as there are sketch people I don't know yet and I stick with it, I'll definitely meet them. I do look forward to that. When that's done, it'll be like Alexander. Will I cry because there are no more friends left to make?

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