Saturday, August 2, 2014

Not Enough Cooks

I believe I brought it up, but the crew of the cruise ship which serves as the setting for most of "Friday The Thirteenth Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan" is pretty bare bones. I can run down who seems to be there pretty quickly. I already mentioned the dubiously-titled Admiral. He has his other guy on the bridge. His son Sean is not, I think, an official member of the crew. That leaves the extremely creepy and suspicious deckhand who tries to warn people about Jason.

He fills the role that Ralph did in a couple of the early films. You have to have a guy no one finds credible giving an accurate warning about what's going on, and the less he can manage to put things in a reasonable-sounding light, the better. I'm not sure what this guy's name is supposed to be- I think he's only ever called 'deckhand', but he sure is fun. He even manages a little moment when he declares to Sean that the voyage is cursed and Sean agrees for his own reasons.

I don't know really why this deckhand would be approved to work on the ship. While the suspicion that falls on him is unfounded, he does seem to spend a lot of time worried about curses and less time about his actual duties. I guess if he's getting his work done, that's fine, but still he shouldn't even be mingling with the guests on the ship. That's something I'm sure I heard from people who do that kind of work. I'll bet they don't say a bunch of stuff about killers roaming the ship.

That deckhand really is the only other member of the ship I can think of. We see no one cooking, no one overseeing the games, no one cleaning, no one operating any of the stations of the ship except the bridge. It's not an enormous ship, but I'm certain you'd have more people than three or so. That's basically a crew for something the size of the SS Minnow, and the "Lazarus", as it's called is bigger than that. I have to say I think they understaffed the thing.

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