Monday, August 18, 2014

Carry On

Something I've learned about sketch comedy compared to improv is (as you would guess) that there is more equipment involved. Each of the past three weeks, I have had to read through scripts and identify props and costume pieces that my sketch needed or that I could contribute to someone else's. I have then had to obtain many of those things, and then dump it all into a duffel bag which I then had to bring down to the theater from my place.

For me this is a slightly more onerous task than it is for others, since I have to do this using public transportation. God knows I wouldn't make an issue of it being a difficult thing to do, since I'm able to do it. I'm a man of slight build, but adequate brawn to carry what amounts to a fair sized bag of dog food. I just loop the strap over my shoulder and I could carry that for miles. It could only be more manageable if I had my hiking backpack.

Hard to carry the bag is not, but odd it is. I worry often about police stopping me and insisting on seeing inside it. A major contribution I have made on a weekly basis is providing prop guns for all sketches that have needed them. As real as they look at a glance, I rather imagine facing some harsh treatment from police until the matter could be straightened out. At least I have not had to carry dismembered mannequin parts in addition, though we've used those.

Last night was I think the second time I got home and discovered deep purple bruises on my hip from carrying a bag bulging with hard, angular items between one and two miles altogether. I was more amused than anything, although sleeping on my side was a little tougher, as was sleeping on my back. That, along with my room constantly looking like it's been robbed  due to me looking for props, makes this a challenging aspect of sketch comedy, but I do love it.

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