Thursday, August 7, 2014

Down There

I covered yesterday most of the things about New York that "Friday The Thirteenth Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan" has to teach us, but not quite everything. There is something going on beneath the city's streets that may seem hard to believe, but why should a film like this like about a thing like that? The apparent truth is that every night at midnight, the sewers flood with toxic waste. For all we know, it happens in every city.

Where does the waste come from? It's beyond me. The film offers no explanation for that, nor does it say why exactly the waste comes through at midnight. I wonder also where it goes after it drains away. Perhaps it goes into the sea? Perhaps it comes FROM the sea. Nothing is for certain, but until City Hall comes forward with some kind of information, we must speculate wildly about every one of these things.

Our sole source of information for now is one lone, brave sanitation worker who has evidently emigrated from Canada. He gets out the solid information I have stated above before being murdered in silhouette  by Jason. Why isn't he murdered in a more visible, more explicit fashion? It's hard to say, even considering how tame most kills are in the Friday The Thirteenth series. They really are tame when you think about it.

What's important, I suppose, is that we not go down in the sewer, which not only has this rigidly scheduled deluge of lethal waste going on, but Jason and a whole slew of victims for him to off in addition. Maybe the waste is there just to prevent killers and victims from going down there, but clearly it doesn't work. It just doesn't work. Then again, we ought to be glad that our civic services work as well as they do. What would happen if this was a Somali sewer?

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