Thursday, July 17, 2014

What For Why?

There's something on my mind. I can't figure it out, but maybe if I think it through here, the answer will present itself. There's this street I walk over to, as the library's on it. If I go to the library straight from home, I take Magnolia. If I stop off at the post office first, I take Chandler. If I take the former, it's all good. It's a quick walk and the intersections are fine. The sidewalk's a little narrow on one side, but the other is fine. It's the ideal way to go.

If I stop off at the post office, it's fine until get to where Chandler intersects with the library's street. There can be found one of the worst intersections in the neighborhood. It's not as spectacularly bad as the five way intersection to the south, but in its own way, it's nearly as unpleasant. For whatever reason, the cycle takes much longer than any other four way intersection around. I don't really know why that is, but I know that I hate it.

Now, there are a number of notable things on Magnolia. There's a 7-11. There's a beauty supply shop. There's a theater and there are some other places too, a diner among them. There's a paint store. It's a relatively busy little street. I think maybe that's just why it flows so well. It's a prominent road with things on it people care about. It's like how they used to clear the snow in downtown Chicago (where I was) very speedily, whereas the further out neighborhoods (where some friends lived) had to wait.

On Chandler, there's basically nothing except for the post office, the Metro stations and the park on the far side of the street I go to. There's also a fire station, which is not the cause of the trouble like you might expect. I commonly wait to cross the street at this intersection and can only wonder why I can't go, since there's no one on the other street who could go. This is bad late at night. Anyway, I think maybe I found my answer.

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