Sunday, July 27, 2014

Leading Man

As I described the leading lady of "Friday The Thirteenth part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan" yesterday, it seems wise to do likewise today for the film's leading man. I found it necessary to search through the film's IMDB page to find actor Scott Reeves and his character's name (Sean). Consider that some evidence of how memorable he was in the film. In that sense he is not a terrible match for Jensen Daggett, who plays Rennie.

Sean Robertson is a curious character. He is the son of the cruise ship's captain. Actually, what I meant to say is that he's the son of the ADMIRAL. The senior crewmember on the ship is designated an ADMIRAL.Let's please bear in mind that this is ostensibly a civilian cruise ship, and that civilian or not, the person in charge of a single ship is a CAPTAIN. A commodore might be in charge of several ships, and an admiral in charge of a fleet (or elsewise positioned significantly higher in responsibility than a single ship. I can't overstate how absurd it is to me that he's somehow an admiral.

Anyway, being the son of an admiral is a lot for Sean to handle, and he expends a little angst when put on the spot by his father to carry out basic protocol in getting the ship underway. It is not incredibly impactful. You will not mistake Scott Reeves for Matt Dillon, who might have played the role well. Sean later does get a little forceful about asserting the presence of Jason, but other characters rather steal his thunder as far as that goes.

The character is not a terribly conceived one at the basic level. It would help a lot if he was physically imposing. If the British guy they've got playing Superman these days- Henry Cavill- played the role (or rather, someone who could pass as 18 but was in that mold), that would be something. It would help also if he had some kind of tough guy charisma. I think that's what the character needs, and it's not like previous films in the series have failed to have that guy. That's just not who this guy is. Anyway, he's there.

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