Friday, August 6, 2010

While The Clock Ticked

I have mentioned that I will soon be moving. Thus has been precipitated the hunt for new digs. There's some amount of interest for me in the search- a small amount which is largely outweighed by the unease of uncertainty and the onerous, energy and time intensive process. I do somewhat like considering the life I may live in each place, based on what it offers and where it is. The last time I moved, I settled on something found on Craigslist at the deadline. It had the virtue of being a place I had been approved for, which could not be said for any other places. I have enjoyed the specific amenities of four walls and a roof, but now hope for something more.

As they say, location is paramount. I hope to find something very central. Important in my case is to find something in an area where there is a great abundance of reliable public transportation options. It will be very much to the credit of any place I consider if it is near a train station as well as a bus which runs 24 hours a day. To have a place like that again, as I once did, would allow me to rely less on kind friends who will surely report their sympathy for me exhausted before too long. Of course, a significant uptick in my fortunes would render this particular consideration somewhat less important, but the general idea of being in the middle of it all would still appeal to me considerably. Downtown and Hollywood are on my list.

I'm at a point socially and psychologically where I would be all right living by myself. Two years ago, when I knew almost no one, a roommate had value as a force prodding me to be more social. There was a long string of dark days in college when one roommate had left school to go back home and a new roommate was not to come until the start of the new semester. I was mostly alone during that time, and found that it did not suit me. As a result of the roommate I did get two years ago, my cup runneth over with friends and well-wishers who regularly draw me into their activities. I could, then, live alone and be free of domestic squabbles. The practical consideration of money has me hoping to find an ideal roommate. To have one with whom a cordial relationship might be assured would allow for a nicer place at lesser expense.

As I may have indicated, there will be a great relief when it's through, and that's when the real fun of exploration will begin. I will hopefully know where the essentials are located beforehand, as that will play into things, but walking the streets for hours each day in the weeks after moving in is something I look forward to with much eagerness. It may be so that I shall me still more people. I expect that I shall discover more and better businesses to patronize. There will be a kind of fondness in my heart for the place I was and the things there, but the new place will make them all fade away except for the people, who I doubt I will ever forget or be away from. It should be interesting.

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