Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hair Trigger

Of great interest to me personally is hair. That can hardly set me aside from very many, but it is the case. Maybe I feel that my enthusiasm for the subject is great for my presumed knowledge that I'm destined by breeding to lose my hair someday. Who wouldn't love something harder knowing that it's fleeting? Certainly I love my hair, and perhaps only now for the first time can I really say that. It's gone through different stages of progression, as have all things Calder as I have sought to settle on things that suit me best. I think I may have found the hair style that I prefer to hang on to until the day that I have to find the stylish appeal in partial and ultimately total baldness.

Fancifully based on the work of Rene Magritte though it is, the profile picture of me which graces this blog represents my hairstyle not terribly badly. You have to imagine it as being significantly more curly, for it is naturally so. I am not someone who goes to great lengths in attempting to make things more than they are to begin with. I'd be about as likely to get cosmetic surgery as to get a perm. I like my curls. At its most extreme length, they have a delightful way of tickling my ears, and I feel them move when I walk or engage in feats of athleticism. It's very pleasant.

As I have noted, my hair is as long as it can be without help, which is not forthcoming. What has changed so that people would comment that it appears longer is merely that it has some increased volume. Previously, I have often employed gel to restrain it, making it appear to be shorter. In recent months, I have done this only in the few bastions of more conventional style that I seem to find myself in these days. Very recently, I have stopped doing even that. The impetus for said terminations of gel use is the imminent exhaustion of my gel supply. It seemed foolish to replenish it when I didn't care for what it did. It takes more and more to keep my hair under control, and having it in there is unpleasant. Touching my hair and coming away with gel on my fingers is something I'm glad to put in the past.

Public reaction to my hair is probably mixed. Loud voices tend to be supportive ones. This is different from my mustache,which provokes vocal opinions on either side of the debate. The hair, though, only has people saying how they like it. The praise can be so passionate that mere words no longer seem to suffice. Twice in recent times, admirers of my curly locks have insisted upon a more tactile, invasive experience. On that basis, I begin to understand the anguish of a Marilyn Monroe or a Greta Garbo, neither of whom ultimately could hold up under the bruising affections of their fans. It's gratifying, but startling when the hair starts getting manhandled, particularly if it's without any warning. Luckily, it's resilient. For the time being, I see no reason to change things up, but it could happen. As I say so often, I'll be glad to compromise on this for a woman or a job, but not for anything less.

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