Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Primae Noctem

I wrote at length recently about the grim, waning days in a soon-to-be-departed domicile. The corresponding experience to that, of course, is the brand new day that dawns as one comes out the other side into a new home. I'll always remember the first night my family spent in our new house back when I was around ten years old, as well as the closing days in the rented house where we had lived prior. That old house will always be known to me by the name of the woman who then owned it. I can't bear learning of any changes to the place, and haven't been by it since we moved out. That final day, I remember how we casually sat in a bedroom and watched a game show- it may have been Joker's Wild. After the arduous period of moving out of there and into the new house (in which I played little part), it was a very happy occasion. The living room was filled with boxes and indiscriminately placed furniture. The rest of the house was largely likewise, the worst of all being the garage.

What I really remember is that living room, though. We had the tv functioning, and were watching some movie I can't remember. I don't think any of us was all that interested in watching that particular thing so much as we were in watching something. It's really one of my earlier memories of the whole family watching something. We were supping on that traditional moving day dinner, delivered pizza. This was when they were quite serious about getting it to you in 30 minutes or less, and before there were any gimmicks in the pizza business. It was a good night. I don't really remember beyond that- in my mind time basically skips from there to the 92-93 NBA playoffs, when my beloved Suns were finally defeated for the championship in six games by the hated and treacherous Bulls.

I probably need not say so, but this is all brought on by the first day and night spent at my apartment in Glendale, California. That's no trick, given that it was a couple of days ago. It was similar to the long-ago one I described, and different as well. The evening meal was cold and considerably less ample. The entertainment was of a somewhat less pleasing and stimulating nature, given that I will be foregoing cable television for the foreseeable future. Much of what the night held was of a shiftless, uneasy nature. A new home has noises, smells and other things that strike at the core of a person. It's not easy to get comfortable enough to engage in that most vulnerable activity of sleeping. Getting settled took time, but was easy enough once I was in the presence of my new roommate. After conversation and some moving of furniture and boxes, I was much more at ease. That's not to say that there weren't and aren't any experiences to be had and every-day things to be done for the first time with some anxiousness there.

The pity is, as I say so often, the short time I will spend there. The ins and outs of the apartment will be no sooner adjusted to than they will be said goodbye to. I remind myself over and over again not to get too attached to anything. Probably that will not be a problem. If I can just quickly get to a point of minimum comfort and contentment, I think the time will pass happily. The neighborhood seems to hold all I can ask for. As I discover more of it, you may rest assured that a full, colorfully-rendered report shall follow.

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