Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Order Of Procession

It's another day and another opportunity for musing on the act of moving from a fresh angle. As the day for actually beginning to move draws closer, I have been giving thought to the practical consideration of what should go first. Of course, should everything go in one day, then it makes little difference except what the vehicles to be used can accommodate. Unfortunately, it seems most likely that the moving process will stretch out across multiple days. That being the case, it will in fact be necessary to identify the possessions that will need to stay in the old place as long as it is where I'll be sleeping. I can't say that I've fully been able to think it all out, but the consequences of not getting it exactly right are probably bearable.

The first things I thought of that I can do without are my books and dvds. As much as I value them, the importance of being able to access any of them at a moment's notice during a given seven day period is such that I should be able to cope. One or two books will stay, and that ought to be adequate. After that there are few easy choices. One would probably be much of my clothes and kitchen implements. There will be a need only for a small amount of each during the transitory period. Unclean clothes can go, and then be washed on the other end as needed. Dishes and so forth can all go with the exception of the bare minimum to eat meals and then be washed again for the next meal. That mostly takes care of the small items, but this is not to say that large items will not be interspersed as space allows.

There's really little need to hang on to furniture. Things like the dresser, tv stand and bed may seem indispensable, but can be done without. The TV will function well enough until cable service is discontinued, and doesn't need the stand or the surround sound equipment. The dresser is of little use with just a few items of clothing left in the house. The bed is nice to have, but should go at the earliest opportunity, as I will be just fine with my sleeping bag if it works out that way. The computer desk is about the same- the computer can be used in its absence, albeit somewhat awkwardly. The minifridge and microwave can go early, with the former being capable of containing possessions on the way.

Now, as biological imperatives are the primary consideration, the paraphernalia associated with them are the most likely candidates for hanging on until the last load. It will perhaps be the little items in the bathroom that go last. I'll need my contacts, tooth brush, shower materials and unmentionables until the last, I'm sure all will agree. It should prove rather interesting to me, if not to others, just how all this works out. As I shall say to my possessions each in turn, "See you on the other side, friend!"

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