Monday, June 23, 2014

Not All Right At All

Yesterday's game between the US and Portugal was not satisfying at all. I went into it with the idea that America had a fantastic chance of winning and advancing to the next round (the nature of which I would learn just as soon as necessary), but I was chastened considerably at the game's beginning as the Portuguese scored easily in the face of some evidently poor American defense. I hoped that they'd be able to recover.

They did, regaining their wits, toughening their defense and scoring a pair of goals by midway through the second half. I was at this time quite sure once again that this game was, if not a sure thing, then at least nearly one. Both teams were quite fatigued by the heat, which is understandable considering we're talking about a stadium in the middle of the jungle. I'll never know who thought that would be a smart idea.

Now, the game got into the stoppage time, which is a concept no more sensible than the jungle stadium, and I really was sure it was a win by this time even though I knew that the Portuguese were desperate to avoid elimination. That's what their fate would be with a loss. It got down to thirty seconds left, and I was very ready to go on with my day, an extra spring in my step that had already begun. Then Portugal had to go and score a goal.

In an American league, that would have precipitated a thrilling overtime, and what would be greater than one of those in such a high stakes situation as a World Cup elimination game? Of course, they don't do overtime in soccer, and so the scoring of a goal was followed seconds later by the end of the game. A win became a tie with no chance of answering the goal. Portugal leaves with a shitty tie they see as almost a victory, and America leaves with a shitty tie that tastes like defeat. This is one part of this game that I'll never be OK with. I'd rather have seen the US defeated than walk away impotently from a conflict still unresolved.

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