Sunday, April 27, 2014


I had mostly been sticking to my VHS tapes recently when my attention turned to my long-neglected Netflix discs. Finally I got to "Gangster Squad", as you'll recall, and then I got ambitious and decided to try and knock out another one right away. That's when I succeed at forming a habit, when I jump on top of something instead of letting time pass with the vague intention of getting back to it. Every day or as close to it as possible is ideal.

I picked my next movie like this. There's this podcast called "How Did This Get Made?" It's hosted by Paul Scheer, and he and his co-hosts (along with a guest) dissect movies in hopes of deciding how they ever were made. It's a consistently entertaining listen, even if you don't watch the movies they're talking about. It's better if you do, and while I've listened to more episodes without having seen the movie than with having seen it, I do prefer the latter.

The most recent movie they've done is the Bruce Willis erotic thriller "Color Of Night". I can confirm that it's awful. It was not easy to get through all by myself, but I managed. Willis plays a New York psychologist whose colleague in LA is murdered. Lickety split, Willis basically takes over his life and his therapy group, a member of which is supposedly the killer. Willis also winds up in a torrid romance with this awfully young woman who he meets by coincidence. Without getting bogged down in a lot of details, suffice it to say that I'm eager to listen to the podcast episode.

I have more movies lined up to watch in anticipation of listening to the episodes in which they are discussed. This will entail watching all the "Jaws" sequels, among other movies. Once I've gotten through those (which I hope won't slow down my VHS progress), I have a whole slew of recent released to get through. One thing is for sure: if it's true that people with something left to do tend to live long enough to do it, I'll be living a good while longer.

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