Friday, October 1, 2010

55 Hours Of Living Fully: Part Two

Yesterday I began my latest epic account of personal exploits. Where I left off, I had just been looking around my old neighborhood after showing up to a canceled actors meeting. My next agenda item was my weekly bible study, and when I left that newly-opened store, I had to walk over to the next street and catch a bus. The bus was one which I took each week some time ago before my standard travel arrangement changed. It let me off at my destination nearly an hour before the bible study convenes. Moreover, it lets me off at a point where only jaywalking permits me to cross the two streets that separate the stop from the destination. I prefer to get off earlier, walk more and cross in safety and peace of mind. It helps that the street along which I then walk is the nicest cross street in the neighborhood. If anyone cool is around, their affairs probably take then to that street. That's how it is for me.

On that walk, I strained to hear the accent of two women walking behind me- a purely academic exercise, I assure you. I ultimately determined them to be British. I then stopped at the grocery store, where they turned out to be headed as well. Once there, I ran into a dear friend and her boyfriend. As it turned out, her plans for the evening from that point on coincided with my own, and we did our shopping for refreshments together. She jokingly offered me a ride there. I characterize the gesture as a joke only because the friend whose home we were bound for lives perhaps a few hundred yards away from that grocery store.

The bible study was a good one. Attendance seems to rise each week, and newcomers are of a generally very high caliber. The friend I ran into had selected chips to bring as a snack, and also had brought some candy from home. While at the grocery store, I had picked up some garlic bread, which went into the oven directly upon our arrival. It was all very well received by the various attendees. Apart from eating, we had a good time attempting to glean wisdom from a chapter of Acts. Our group often diverges into long stretches of comic diversion, but also gets into some very serious stuff. Detecting the right tone for the exact moment can be tricky. I think I was a bit less expressive than I usually am, maybe owing to my thoughts being of future events.

I took full advantage of a ride from bible study after it broke up, and that offer was no joke, saving me as it did over ninety minutes of arduous travel alone. It did not save me any pride, but what can one do about that? I badly needed to get to bed just as soon as possible. It was at this time around two in the morning, and I needed to get up at a decent hour in order to get to my Toastmasters meeting in the afternoon. I've been slacking on attention to my duties along that line, and had resolved to come through no matter what. Tomorrow, the events surrounding that meeting!

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