Saturday, September 25, 2010

Unfortunate Sun

I can't believe that some things people do are entirely permissible. Against all good reason, they're both legal and socially acceptable. I'm certainly not talking about those sorts of things where a person engages in destructive behavior which has no effect on anyone else, barring friends and loved ones who care what happens to that person. I'm talking strictly about things which very clearly impact all kinds of people not bargaining on dealing with the consequences of such actions. A lot of it has to do with driving (the legality of which is itself some of a wonder). The specific things that I feel are a worry there are mostly about multitasking, but it's not using a phone, applying makeup, looking at a map or eating fast food while driving that has me troubled. Rather, it is the destination people are driving to relative to the Sun.

People laugh when I bring this up, and yet who among them can deny how terribly unsafe it is to drive towards the Sun? It impairs the driver in a myriad of ways. Street signs cannot be read until the driver is right at them if they can be read at all. This is bad enough on surface streets, where the speed is more manageable and where there are other landmarks visible to give you some indication of where you are provided you are familiar with the route. It's just about unbearable on the freeway, where you often can see nothing useful other than the freeway itself thanks to the barriers installed or to the driving surface being sunken below the surface streets. Furthermore, it's tough to see what the other cars are doing. It's just a very dangerous situation to me.

Because I know that people are more likely to react to inconvenience, let me say that it's not just dangerous. Sensible people will reduce their speed to account for the Sun, adding considerable time to any commute which runs East and West. The result is traffic even worse than it needs to be. There is then no doubt that a problem exists. I wouldn't be raising hell if I didn't have a solution. It's simple, but I admit that it's a bit radical. Basically, what I'm calling for is to legally ban all driving in the direction of the Sun. That means no driving East in the morning, and no driving West in the evening. That may cut people off from anything in those directions relative to where they live, but there's no need to worry. There will be a difficult transitory period as people rearrange their lives to adjust, but I'm supremely confident that they will be happier when things settle down.

I hold out hope that circumstances will make it easier to renew the kind of travel this law will prohibit. It will require significant capital investment in infrastructure, some of a kind never before envisioned by anyone. Subterranean public transportation is already in existence, and merely needs to be developed further along corridors running East and West. I also envision an expansive system of shading mechanisms meant not to enhance the comfort of pedestrians, but to permit safe travel East and West for the motorist. There might perhaps be awnings running up and down all roadways, or something I have not myself conceived yet. We'll just have to see how research and development goes. With cooperation and good luck however, we cannot fail in this endeavor.

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