Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eatery Of Neatery

I wrote a poem some time ago which gave voice to great frustration I felt about poor service at a restaurant. At the time, I was inconsolably furious, but the feeling passed in time. I've decided that when in the heat of the moment, it's best not to make any long-term vows that will seem ill-considered when righteous fury gives way to reasoned thought. Suffice it to say that I forgave the restaurant and have returned many times since. It's an interesting place. I'd say even that I like it, although the food is in a battle for best thing in the place with the ambience that it is by no means assured of winning. That ambience is formidable. The place calls itself a cafe, but is no one as I understand the term. It's something of a hip diner more than anything.

It's evidently popular with some of the more prominent figures in our town's entertainment community, and has been the location for filming in the past. I have seen a few myself, without naming any names. The interior space is L-shaped, with the long side facing the street and being visible through the windows. The short side retreats from the street somewhat, and is therefore the most secluded area in the place. Celebrities invariably seem to sit there if anywhere. It seems as if they are fairly safe from encroachment by fans and would-be networkers. I have never approached one, but have been guilty of talking about them from mere yards away (I was properly abashed. I certainly hope I did not turn that very talented comic actor off the establishment).

Famous people aside, it's got a neat vibe. In spite of being attached to a hotel close to the heart of Hollywood's tourism complex, it's not typically populated with obvious tourists. It generally seems like cool people, and I count the staff in that. Often harried and consequently impatient with dawdlers and transgressors, they are cordial towards the well-behaved and generally competent within reasonable human limits. As I'm there during the same hours on the same night each week, I see the same people working. With the male staff, I like the cut of their jib, so to speak. With their female counterparts I am utterly, hopelessly besotted. That's just how I am, but these women are unquestionably worthy of that reaction in all respects.

The food's not bad. Most often I've just gotten a straight order of fries. There are plain seasoned fries and sweet potato fries, which I believe are mixed together. It's rather good, and you get a good portion that way. I've also had them as a side for one of the burgers, which are fairly good as well, although I can't say I recommend their turkey burger. Maybe ground turkey can't be expected to do just what ground beef does in an aesthetic sense, in which case I withdraw any criticism. It was tasty in any case. Also great are a lot of the things that would once have been considered frivolous in a restaurant setting except to fill out the children's menu. They have some fine macaroni and cheese, and if one goes along in that vein, their grilled cheese is very good too. Probably you can't go terribly wrong as long as you have reasonable expectations for the more ambitious items.

Let me be clear: this is no advertisement or referral, hence the omission of a name or address. I have no allusions about my ability to sway public opinion or behavior, but see no sense in taking chances. I like the place as it is, without more people, less people or different people. Based on references I made, the restaurant could be identified and located. It's kind of like the A Team: If you are hungry, if nowhere else will suffice, and if you can find it, maybe you can eat at... this restaurant.

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