Sunday, May 4, 2014

Arnold Endures

In making up for my egregious oversight of Saturday, here is my second post Sunday. Now, the same day I watched "Jaws 3", a plan developed to see a movie at the cheap theater. Two movie options were floated initially, with one of them being "Need For Speed". I was not interested in what I understood to be a terrible movie. I do watch plenty of those, but this one looked to not be very watchable. It also featured a prominent actor from "Breaking Bad", which I was not interesting in discussing.

The other movie,which I pushed hard for, was "Sabotage". It's Arnold Schwarzenegger's most recent post-gubernatorial film, and that is what we ended up seeing. It was a rare victory for my point of view over anyone else's.To briefly relate the plot, Arnold is the leader of an allegedly elite DEA team. They decide to steal a cartel's money during a raid, and the movie unfolds in the aftermath of that plan's failure. It's a kind of ridiculous story.

That's not to say it was a bad movie. It was a movie with a lot of problems, many of them relating to plot holes, mystifying character motives and sheer incoherence. It's beyond me how a movie with such big names and such a budget gets to the point of production with a script that makes so little sense. The good people at "How Did This Get Made?" would do well with this film, which is really fun to watch despite the aforementioned problems.

Of course it mainly comes down to Arnold, even with Sam Worthington and Terrence Howard (of whom I'm not a fan) in the cast. Arnold is old, there's no doubt about it. Is he too old to be leading a team of high level DEA operatives in raids? He probably is. Then again, this team isn't that elite. They mess up basically every operation they conduct, and they party and squabble like petulant frat bros when they're not in operations. That aside, I have to recommend the movie.

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